The 12 Gifts of Kushmas (holiday gift guide)

Hey Hey!!!

Second post, ayyyooo. I am beyond excited to announce the first annual Kushmas Gift Guide - a cute little idea I thought of last night lol. I know so many small businesses and amazing companies with items that would make any cannabis enthusiast/patient super happy. This holiday guide will include things from CBD products to smoking accessories. Figured since I get the chance to try so many different things I would throw my opinion in the circle. lol So without further ado here are The 12 Gifts of Kushmas!!

1. Kush Kards

So for the first item in the 12 Gifts of Kushmas I present to you: Kush Kards. Founded by the amazing Lauren Miele in 2013. This is sucha unique substitution for your traditional holiday card. You can even purchase branded one hitters you can send with your card. LOVE THIS. I have also had the pleasure of sharing a joint or two with her and let me tell you this GIRL BOSS is so inspirational and has further encouraged me to chase my dreams!!!

2. Abscent Design

The next thing we have on the list of the 12 Gifts of Kushmas is an odor absorbing bag. If any of you have noticed, this lovely plant that we enjoy so much has quite a pungent smell associated with it. SO, if you need to be a little more lowkey with your stash, then the Abscent toiletry bag is perfect. Ever since I got mine I haven’t used anything else. The tech is several layers of carbon, waterproof zippers and waterproof fabric ensuring each bag will neutralize the odors.

2018-12-03 13_42_19.502.JPG

3. Crafted Care

For this third idea for the 12 Gifts of Kushmas, you will legit want to slather your whole body in it on a day you’re achy. One of my good friends Anna started this little biz to help the patients get small batch CBD herbal remedies for their ailments. This one pictured is the Muscle Rub. I use this constantly on my neck, due to a car accident I sustained a few years ago leaving me with all the discs in my neck herniated. When I am having a flare up it affects the range of motion and the strength to lift my head off a pillow. Having this salve had cut flare up times, not just in half, but almost as soon as I catch it A DAY or TWO later my pains are gone. She is able to formulate recipes to your exact needs so please don’t hesitate to hit up Crafted Care for your needs.

4. Cured Nutrition

Fourth in the lineup of the 12 Gifts of Kushmas is an amazing hemp infused nutrition brand. They create spices, dog treats, cookie dough (YES PLZ), and a full spectrum hemp derived tincture. I recently had the chance to attend a Cured Nutrition Brunch and it was one of the most magical industry events I’ve ever been to. From create your own bath soak, to a sage bar with little additives like lavender and cannabis leaves. SWOON CITY if you ask me. Anywhooo, I highly recommend the cured spices, if you know someone who loves to cook this would be the perfect gift.

5. Flowerplay Prints

And coming right in at number 5, shameless self promo for the 12 Gifts of Kushmas lolol. A flowerplay print is the perfect art piece for your wall. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, up close, or something more minimalistic there is a flowerplay design for you. I created/learned this style in late 2017 when I really needed a greater sense of purpose. Once the first petal hit the table I’ve never been the same. So grateful for art and its healing powers.


6. Stonedware

On the 6th day of Kushmas Kristen said to me: a Geopipe belongs under your treeeee. lol ( I hope you just sang that) I had the pleasure of winning two of these pipes in the @imcannabess 50k Giveaway. This is a portland based company founded by artist Ariel Zimman. She was trying to fill the need for meaningful accessories custys can connect with, and thus Stonedware Company was born. These pipes are daily drivers for me & the hubby.

7. Kush Candles

Now we have one of my favorite candles to ever exist, here for the 12 Gifts of Kushmas I present to you Kush Candles. You cant go wrong when you choose a scent. Maui Wowie is one of my top favorites but there are SOOO MANY MORE- Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purp, and Ghost Train Haze just to name a few. This gift will hit home with anyone in my opinion, with scents that permeate the whole house; how could you not?! (also I saw on the website you get 20% off your first order)


8. Stigma Activewear

You know I gotta share some clothing for the 12 Gifts of Kushmas. Stigma Activewear is a lyfestyle brand for the healthy and active in the Cannabis community. They believe in shattering the “lazy stoner” stereotype. Their joggers are some of my favorite on the market, and with their minimalistic branding you can style these joggers with any look. Also I have a code to get you 20% off your first order: CANNABANANA @ checkout.

2018-12-03 13_39_19.887.JPG

9. Ziggy’s Naturals

Next on the list for the 12 Gifts of Kushmas we have an amazing father and son owned CBD company called Ziggy’s Naturals. All of the items in their lineup are really really good. BUT, the one thing that hasn’t left my beauty routine since I got it is their 300mg Face & Body Lotion. I’ve seen a noticeable glow to my skin after use, help with my darker pigmentation issues, and also helps to quell inflammation and acne. Forreal this stuff is the truth.

10. Sonder Cosmic Roots

For the 12 Gifts of Kushmas I bring you one of my favorite Etsy Shops. Sonder Cosmic Roots is the storefront run by Hannah @thishappyhippie an artist from Florida. She creates amazing rolling trays, necklaces with natural elements, creative roach clips, badass stickers and her latest addition plant hangers.

11. Puffco

As we round out the 12 Gifts of Kushmas I cant forget to share the on-the-go accessory everyone needs. Puffco was established in 2013 by @jollyrogernyc. He wanted more than the industry standard so he set out to merge technology, design and engineering to create the best platform for concentrate consumption. I discovered this company a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you need the perfect tech for on the go dabbing see PUFFCO.

12. Blunted Objects

Last but certainly not LEAST on the list of the 12 Gifts of Kushmas is pretty much ANYTHING off the Blunted Objects website. The Killer Leaf Hoops are a MUST, ever since I won them in a giveaway they have been a staple when ever I go out. They’re super high quality and to me the perfect size hoop. For the chicest accessories all cannabis lovers out there will LIVE FOR, hook them up with some Blunted Objects.

Okayyy friends, that brings us to the end of the first annual 12 Gifts of Kushmas. Hope you found this guide helpful if you happened to be coming up short when it came to ideas for some of the people on your list. I really hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season; whether you go HAM and cover every inch of your house in lights OR if you’re not really into all that shit and just like to chill & give a few gifts. Sending my love and a big ass hug to each and every one of you.