FIRST POST ALERT (insert repetitive horn sound here)


Hi friends!!!

First and foremost- WELCOME! Wanted to start out by saying this is going to be a SAFE space; one where we can explore new things, hopefully learn some shit, and smile along the way. This first blog post is simply about getting to know me a bit more & about what in the hell I’m doing here. Sound Gucci?? bet.

Soooo as some of you may know (many probs not) my name is Kristen. I was born in Daytona Beach, Florida about 29 years ago and I’m half Puerto Rican & half Sicillan. I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, taking up surfing and pretty much ANYTHING that involved being outdoors. As the story goes I went to school, then to UNI and graduated with my bachelors in education. During my time at university I had the chance to travel to many different countries, meet so many amazing people and do some great work. So when I graduated I wasn’t really ready to settle into a formal “teaching” career, so I set of to explore. I wanted more experiences & I wanted to meet more people. SO QUEUE my two world traveler relatives, who when they knew I had finished up school called me to join them on their latest endeavor. I ended up at Bryce Canyon National Park with a new sense of freedom and a wide-eyed for adventure…

*photo courtsey of @karli_canna*


*Natural Bridge Bryce Canyon National Park*

My season at Bryce would prove to teach me so much more about myself that I would have expected. I ended up finding a love for running and hiking and naturally you couldn’t get me off the trails after that. I discovered a new sense of love for// confidence in myself. Seeing as this is such an impactful experience, I thought about working the National Park circuit for a few seasons. I meannn with so many amazing sights to see why not just go work/live at one them?? Only moments after that idea was uttered into existence, I began to figure out how to set myself up for this life of adventure. I planned on going back to FL at seasons end, work a job to bank some money and go back to exploring again. WELLLLLL life would have other plans.

*me on my last day of work at Bryce*

After my time at Bryce came to a close, I went to work at this four diamond resort back home in FL and I ended up meeting my husband there. WUTTT. lol I really had NO intention of settling down at this time but ya know, you gotta listen to when life is telling you to stop and smell the flowers. In summary: HES THE LOVE OF MY LIFE lol never expected to find him in such a place, but once we got to knowing each other we realized we both longed for a greater sense of something. So, after about a year of marriage we set off on a cross country road trip to move to Colorado Springs. We packed a massive Uhaul and our kitten Dende and headed due west.


*first big hike in Colorado*

We’ve lived in Colorado a little over 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier. I have come through so much mentally//emotionally to finally be here thriving. AND LET ME TELL YOU WHAT FAM - finding an amazing job, a side hustle I can be passionate about and a community I can share with constantly is truly filling me to the brim. I know that pic sounds like utter perfection & NOTHING ever goes wrong, but I assure you that is NOT always the case.


*photo courtsey of @karli_canna*

Following along on this journey with me will assuredly lead us to blunders and MANY successes. I hope to ramble about life, new products i’m trying and share my art with you. With that said this is a super LONG WINDED first post, but plzzzz comment down below. Ask me questions, have me elaborate on something, OR simply introduce yourself.

Once again i’m Kristen, its so FUCKING exciting to be writing to you finally. Here is the first of many more. Get excited. loveeeeee you.